The Councilmembers 2018

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Councilmember’s voting record.

Phil Mendelson,
Council Chair

cm-headhshot-2018-ABAnita Bonds,
At Large

cm-headhshot-2018-DGDavid Grosso,
At Large

cm-headhshot-2018-ESElissa Silverman,
At Large

cm-headhshot-2018-RWRobert White Jr.,
At Large

cm-headhshot-2018-BNBrianne Nadeau,
Ward 1

Jack Evans,
Ward 2

cm-headhshot-2018-MCMary Cheh,
Ward 3

cm-headhshot-BTBrandon Todd,
Ward 4

cm-headhshot-2018-KMKenyan McDuffie,
Ward 5

cm-headhshot-2018-CACharles Allen,
Ward 6

cm-headhshot-2018-VGVincent Gray,
Ward 7

cm-headhshot-2018-TWTrayon White Sr.,
Ward 8