Phil Mendelson, Council Chair


60%: Needs to Pick Up the Pace


Chairman Mendelson played a key role in the initial passage of paid family & medical leave, but he then immediately reopened the legislation to corporate-backed repeal and replacement. This emboldened Big Business opponents and will likely delay the launch of this critical policy. He has also used his power as Chair of the Council to propose a moratorium on new workers’ rights legislation and to prioritize major tax cuts for millionaires and corporations – over investments in affordable housing or to address racial inequities.


Chairman Mendelson’s votes that held DC back:

  • Opposed fair scheduling for part-time workers
  • Opposed guaranteed access to in-suite bathroom for shelter residents
  • Supported restricting shelter access for people experiencing homelessness
  • Opposed extended access to shelters for families in need
  • Opposed a slow down of tax cuts for multi-millionaires and huge corporations
  • Opposed delaying the millionaires’ tax cut
  • Opposed delaying the corporate tax cut
  • Supported a contract renewal for Veritas, which mismanaged United Medical Center