Mary Cheh, Ward 3


65%: Needs to Pick Up the Pace


Councilmember Cheh usually supports strong housing policies, and deserves particular credit for ensuring that a family shelter will be built in Ward 3 over the vocal objection of some residents. She was also a strong supporter of fair scheduling legislation. She often introduces amendments or makes statements that weaken key legislations – and also votes to support that legislation in the end. And she regularly supports tax cuts for millionaires and corporations, which limits the funding available for key services.


Councilmember Cheh’s votes that held DC back:

  • Supported diverting paid family and medical leave funds to pay employers, rather than employees
  • Supported putting control of paid family and medical leave benefits in the hands of bosses, rather than the democratically elected government
  • Supported restricting shelter access for people experiencing homelessness
  • Opposed extended access to shelters for families in need
  • Opposed a slow down of tax cuts for multi-millionaires and huge corporations
  • Opposed delaying the millionaires’ tax cut
  • Opposed delaying the corporate tax cut