Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5


65%: Needs to Pick Up the Pace


Councilmember McDuffie deserves significant credit for championing the NEAR Act — a major advance for policing and criminal justice reform. And he was a critical vote for paid family and medical leave. However, he also prioritized major tax cuts for millionaires and corporations over investments in affordable housing.


Councilmember McDuffie’s votes that held DC back:

  • Opposed fair scheduling for part-time workers
  • Supported restricting shelter access for people experiencing homelessness
  • Opposed a slow down of tax cuts for multi-millionaires and huge corporations
  • Opposed delaying the millionaires’ tax cut
  • Opposed delaying the corporate tax cut
  • Supported a contract renewal for Veritas, which mismanaged United Medical Center
  • Supported a contract for Corizon, which mismanages prison health systems