Jack Evans, Ward 2


35%: Holding DC Back


More than anyone else on the council, Councilmember Evans consistently votes in ways that block or slow economic justice at work, a right to housing, and government for the people.


Councilmember Evans’ votes that held DC back:

  • Opposed fair scheduling for part-time workers
  • Opposed universal paid family and medical leave
  • Supported diverting paid family and medical leave funds to pay employers, rather than employees
  • Supported putting control of paid family and medical leave benefits in the hands of bosses, rather than the democratically elected government
  • Opposed guaranteed access to in-suite bathroom for shelter residents
  • Supported restricting shelter access for people experiencing homelessness
  • Opposed extended access to shelters for families in need
  • Opposed a slow down of tax cuts for multi-millionaires and huge corporations
  • Opposed delaying the millionaires’ tax cut
  • Opposed delaying the corporate tax cut
  • Supported a contract renewal for Veritas, which mismanaged United Medical Center
  • Supported a contract for Corizon, which mismanages prison health systems